Tecpatl Obsidian Knives

Tecpatl obsidian knife

Tecpatl Obsidian Knives

The Aztec culture is very diverse as well as complicated. It includes traditions that seem very esoteric and mystifying in this age and era. One such bewildering example is the Tecpatl Obsidian Knives, originally said to be used by Priests for human sacrifice. The jaguar warriors also used it as a secondary weapon for short ranges.

The tecpatl, an obsidian knife, was sharpened from both edges, has elongated ends, and comes with a lanceolate figure. It can be used from every direction, making it a deadline weapon. It isn’t any ordinary knife but is one of the deadliest while being a complicated iconographic symbol of Aztec religion as it was used in the rituals of human sacrifices.

While being a mythological entity of the Aztec culture and religion, the Tecpatl Obsidian Knives was very functional. In the Aztec calendar, it was a lunar symbol that governed all agricultural events. Besides, this obsidian knife was also used as a flint due to its material. It was used for starting a fire very often, especially while being only a journey when it became really handy and served various purposes, especially when a quickfire was required.

It is believed that the priests used this knife to open up the chests of their human sacrifices to extract the heart and present it to their gods. They did this ritual to please god. There used to be specific sacrifices each year where the victim wasn’t killed at once, and their heart was removed while still alive. The knife comes in different shapes and designs. Different types were used during the ritual to make it more happening and memorable.

TheTecpatl Obsidian Knives was also considered an effective weapon during warfare. The jaguar warriors used it as their short-range weapon. They usually succeeded in fighting and winning against the tribes while creating and expanding Aztec Empire. The Warriors kept their enemies alive as prisoners and used them for human sacrifice or even ceremonial purposes.

The tecpatl is made using obsidian which is a very sharp volcanic glass. The knife is light and naturally made, up to 10 inches long. The replicas of this knife are still made in Mexico, the native home of these knives. You can get some outstanding obsidian knives from https://aguila1.com/product/obsidian-knife/guila1.com, which bring genuine blades with signature malachite handles. You will find these knives to be as close as the original ones used during sacrifices. It is a rare find, and only a few pieces are available. So, if you are a history buff or enthusiast looking for a unique yet cool article from the Aztec culture, this is your cue. Log on to our website and check out your options. You will surely love this latest addition to your range. Get yours before the stocks run out.

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