Exploring the History and Uses of Aztec obsidian knife

If you have ever been interested in owning a piece of history, then an Aztec obsidian knife or (tecpatl knife) is the perfect item for you. Not only are obsidian knives unique and beautiful pieces of art, but they also possess a deep cultural significance that has remained since ancient times. From their original use […]

5 Ways to Make a Positive Impact: A Practical Guide for the Next Generation of Global Citizens

Image Source: Flickr Ways to Make a Positive Impact. Today’s global climate feels more uncertain and divisive than ever. As young people, we are faced with the challenge of figuring out how to best use our energy and resources to bring about positive change.In a world that is filled with so many challenges and uncertainties, […]

How To Start Investing As A Teenager: The Ultimate Guide

Image Source: Flickr   Millennials are known for being a generation that values experiences over material goods. However, being born in the late 20th century and coming of age during the Great Recession has also led to an attitude of frugality among millennials. Millennials are the most financially cautious generation, and many are choosing to […]