Handmade Obsidian Aztec Death Whistle with Eagle Warrior Head (Sold Individually) – Aztec Eagle Death Whistle Adorned by Obsidian Stone Art


Terrifying instruments of war and religion, Aztec death whistles were used by ancient aztec to summon spirits and generate fear and horror wherever they went. The Mexican Aztec death whistle emits a ‘scream’ that sounds like a person being tortured and in terrible agony.

The extraordinary ‘death whistle’ was exclusively used in a number of areas of ancient Mexico. It belongs to an unusual family of Mexican resonators and the Aztec death scream whistle is capable of producing unique sounds imitating animal calls as well as the noise of the wind. The Aztec death wish whistle has been associated with death rituals through its decorated face of a skull.

Sold individually, these handmade Aztec death whistles make a great gift and are sure to thrill any fantasy art collector or mythology lover.

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