Tecpatl Obsidian Knife


In Aztec culture, a tecpatl was a knife made of flint. It featured a lanceolate figure and was double-edged with elongated ends. 


Traditionally, the tecpatl knife was used by the Aztecs for human sacrifice, but for warriors, it was also an effective short-range weapon. While use on the battlefield may have been limited, the extra-sharp edges would certainly have made it a competent sidearm.

Our incredible replica obsidian crystal daggers are still handmade in Mexico, their native home. From the genuine obsidian, hand flaked blades to the eagle warrior figure adorning the malachite handle this decorative dagger is as close as you will find to a genuine ceremonial knife that was made for high priests to be used for their rites of human sacrifice. This is a rare black obsidian stone dagger and quantities are limited.

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