Shot Glass (Sold Individually) – Warrior Aztec Tequila Shot Glasses Beautifully Adorned with Dramatic Obsidian Stone Art


These amazing artisanal 2 oz ornamental shot glasses are crafted by skilled traditional Mexican craftsmen.

The designs of the pre-hispanic (1 AD to 500 CE) style Aztec shot glasses are based on the dazzling masks of the aztec gods. The original masks were discovered at Teotihuacan which in English means “place where the gods were made”.

Each decorative shot glass is adorned with mineral quartz stones and volcanic obsidian crystal stone, after which the stones are amalgamated with a colored resin to give magnificent form to the Aztec god or warrior. Each glass holds up to 2 oz.

Sold individually, these small decorative shot glasses make a great gift and are sure to thrill any fantasy art collector or mythology lover.

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